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Project Pointers

PlanningDefine expectations. Establishing a service-oriented architecture can be a complex, multi-year effort. So, up-front planning is essential for getting the job done right, according to

WebMethods: Shifting Gears

Customers have been watchingWebMethods closely in recent months.In addition to WebMethods beingacquired in June by Germany’s SoftwareAG for $546 million, the company, earlierthis year, introduced

How SOA is Changing Integration

Business integration garnered a ton of buzz early in the decade. But companies soon learned that point-to-point integration often led to “spaghetti” architectures, leaving a

Valero Pumped On SOA

Valero Energy, North America’s largest refiner, has been on a fast growth track for the past decade, mostly through corporate buyouts. From 2002 through 2005

What Is Driving Toyota

In the heart of Kentucky, amid rolling bluegrass hills and miles of neat white plank fences, sits the machine that threatens the three pillars of

How Google Works

With his unruly hair dipping across his forehead, Douglas Merrill walks up to the lectern set up in a ballroom of the Arizona Biltmore Resort