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E-discovery of E-docs

On any given day, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based American Document Management (AmDoc) assists its thousand corporate and government customers by tracking down their e-documents with the

Dealing With Paper

Managing e-documents is a mission-critical task for many companies these days. But what about managing the machines that print, copy or fax paper documents? Like

Fighting and Winning the Paper Battle

See related stories: Tracking Docs Across Devices, Managing the Machines. When organizations make the move from paper to electronic forms, most do it primarily to

Do Your Documents Manage You?

If an organization develops and maintains its content and documents effectively, the information contained therein can save time and money, and may even generate revenue.

Iron Mountain Aims for Peak Performance

These days, more than a few IT departments—and even entire companies—stumble en route to a viable strategy. CIOs and other executives often find themselves facing