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Mark of a Pro

Two days before Thanksgiving, the Cherokee County (Georgia) Sheriff’s Department recovered the body of Roberto Alvarez from the bottom of a four-acre pond at Towne

viaLink: Scanning The Horizon

For retailers, the back room is where margins are made and lost. Inaccurate counts, mislabeled pallets, unauthorized deliveries—it can be one of the supply chain’s

Quiz: Do Your Products Have a Life?

  TRUE FALSE My company manufactures or maintains complex physical objects The products we sell have terabytes of data associated with them We share design

Sears’ New CIO Starts With Lands’ End

It’s offering zero-percent financing on everything from appliances to treadmills. It’s trying out a two-word tagline—”Where else?”—which tries to build on its long relationship with

Round-The-Clock Rating

Remember how you felt when grades came out in school? Now manufacturers are giving report cards around the clock to suppliers and expecting them to