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More IT Hires to Come in 2010

Although companies such as HP may be slashing their workforce, a survey finds the majority of HR heads are planning on making IT hires in

Career Advancement

In Big, the hit movie from the late 1980s, star Tom Hanks rises from a clerk in data processing?that?s what technology was called back then?to

Work-Life Lessons From Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, ?the father of modern management,? turned management theory into a serious discipline. In a legendary career that spanned almost 70 years, he revolutionized

How to Use Social Media to Acquire Staff

Social media is widely used among employees, but should talent-acquisition departments use these tools for branding, pipelining, recruiting and competitive intelligence? My answer: You bet!

2,500 CIOs Speak Out

Wanted: CIOs to manage today?s corporate enterprises. Skills needed include a vast command of all developing IT trends, from virtualization to convergence to Web 2.0.

5 Tips to a Healthy Work Environment

Gossip is a destructive force in the workplace. It ruins relationships, harms reputations and interferes with productivity. Most importantly, it damages employee morale and makes

The Magic of Mainframes

See also: Young IT Pros and Mainframes New Role for Old Geeks Why would young people starting a career in IT want to work with