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The Buzz on Big Data

By Samuel Greengard Over the last year or so, the buzz over big data has reached deafening proportions. It’s hard to go a day without

Five Keys to Succeeding With Big Data

1. Understand the possibilities. Combining hundreds of dataelements and terabytes of data doesn?t automatically produce results. Businessanalysts and IT experts must understand how the data

Big Data Unlocks Business Value

The typical enterprise is awash in data. Virtually every industry sector—from health care and financial services to retail and manufacturing—is witnessing a growth in data

Top 10 Business Trends for 2012

Most trends lists are created by ?experts? whobrainstorm, discuss, and argue until they reach a consensus as to what the bigtopics and market developments are

Business Intelligence and Big Data

Trend 5: Business Intelligence and Big Data More than a third of midsize and larger organizations areboosting their deployment of business intelligence (BI) or business