MS Office Live, Google Docs

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Storage and backup applications are among the most critical in any major corporation. Because missing or corrupted backups tend to show up only when someone needs to use them to recover from some data disaster, there's not much room for error. Lost data equals lost revenue and possibly legal liability, if the lost data are relevant to the financial performance of the company.

Microsoft Office Live and Google Docs

Directly competitive with one another are the still-in-beta Microsoft Office Live and Google's Google Docs.

Google provides apps with its free storage space; Microsoft provides free storage with its apps. Microsoft's 500MB capacity is paltry compared to the multi-gig space available on Google Docs, but Google space includes email and all its other available services.

Both provide some level of sharing and integration, but Microsoft's straight-from-Office connection and available screen-sharing gives it an edge on the collaboration front.

Both are designed to back up your documents (or have you create them online in the first place), which makes them an add-on to a full backup, not a replacement.

This article was originally published on 2008-08-21
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