September 2003 Online Extras

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An assortment of articles, presentations and content exclusive to Baseline online.

    The Coming Commoditization of Compensation (Topline Online Exclusive)
    1.4 million U.S. jobs will be moved offshore by 2015. Find out where, why and how (much).

    Visas for foreign workers have raised eyebrows amid technology job losses. Here's a roundup of reports on the subject.

Case Dissection
    Hope & Prayer: The State of Seaport Insecurity
    Port Security: Required Reading (Online Exclusive)
    Here are links to key reports, white papers and other research on homeland security and how marine terminals play a key role.

    Planner (p.49)
    Calculating Costs of Sharing Sensitive Information
    This project planner will assist in your projects that involve systematically exchanging sensitive data.

    The Cost of Containment (p.54)
    About $3 of a container gets spent on security. Feel safe?
    To Protect and Serve
    Many companies are keeping a lid on security spending, but that doesn't mean they're standing pat. Instead they're trying to spend available money more wisely—tackling projects such as making video and access-control systems work with corporate networks and building-control systems.

    Be sure to check out our Dossiers on three Perimeter Security specialists:
    • American Dynamics ("LAN, Camera, Action"),
    • Johnson Controls ("Controlling the building"), and
    • Science Applications International Corp. ("Looking For Lapses").
    Managing A Budget: Starting From Zero (p.97)
    Quiz: Which Way To Budget?
    As you prepare next year's budget, should you start from scratch and use zero-based budgeting? This downloadable Excel quiz will help you weigh your considerations before you do.

    64-Bit Processing (p.98)
    Quiz: Which Processor Do I Need?
    Processors with 64-bit platforms aren't new, but a new generation is getting a lot of attention. This quiz will reveal your application's level of need.

    CyberSecurity for the Masses (p.99)
    Quiz: Assessing Your Company's Security Aptitude
    How smart are employees at your company when it comes to safeguarding corporate information systems? Download this Excel quiz to test their security aptitude.

    Primer: 64-bit Processing - Background Reading
    Even if 64-bit is definitely on your company's horizon, you may still need more research before you can decide where--and when--to invest.
    Read an introduction to 64-bit computing from Ars Technica and join in a discussion about the merits of AMD's Opteron vs. Intel's Itanium.ExtremeTech.

This article was originally published on 2003-08-26
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