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It's what you don't know about the security problems of operating systems and web applications that can kill you. Here are five new technologies that may change your relationship with your data.

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The Technology
Voice routed over the Internet or other Internet Protocol-based networks.

Deployment and Use
Nearly all Fortune 500 companies and at least 90% of the Fortune 5,000 use VoIP in some part of their business, according to Allan Sulkin, president of TEQConsult Group, which specializes in enterprise communications. Companies with all-IP networks remain rare, for now.

The Vulnerability
Because VoIP works over the Internet, it is subject to all of the Internet's security problems, including worms and denial-of-service attacks. Lately, however, some VoIP systems have come under direct attack from hackers trying to bring them down, or from scammers phishing for VoIP account numbers with the intention of selling the minutes. These security holes can also put traditional telephone networks at risk because of how VoIP connects with some companies' older phone systems.

What To Do
VoIP vendors vary widely in quality, according to SANS. That makes it imperative to pick a vendor that supports its own security patches. The most sophisticated VoIP users also make sure to replace default passwords, scan for and close open ports, and disable unnecessary services such as HTTP. Both the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the VoIP Security Alliance offer tips on their Web sites about how to secure VoIP systems.

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This article was originally published on 2007-02-16
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