Network Virtualization: Reference Reading

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Read on for details on emerging network virtualization technologies, and find links to background reading that shows the benefits of storage virtualization.

Although overarching network virtualization efforts are still on the drawing board, three virtualization technologies are already available. Below is a breakdown of these bleeding-edge network services and their components.
What's being shared Related technology Primary protocol How clients connect Intermediate layer
Storage space Storage area networking iSCSI Storage "host adapter" and software driver Storage virtualization switch
Processing power Grid computing Proprietary according to processor manufacturer Software agent Master control software
Application services Web services eXtensible Markup Language Programming interface Web application server
For more information on network virtualization, the Fibre Channel Industry Association offers a white paper that spells out the benefits of storage virtualization. In addition, Grid Computing Planet provides links to grid resources. The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) provides information on distributed application services initiatives.

This article was originally published on 2002-07-30
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