August 2003 Online Extras

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An assortment of articles, presentations and content exclusive to Baseline online.

    BTO's Key Technology Decisions (Topline Online Exclusive)
    Auto Detailing
    A look at Build-To-Order's key technology decisions. PLus: BTO's new nameplate be a hit among consumers?

    The PeopleSoft Pursuit
    Oracle's Bid: Style Matters
    Oracle's bid for PeopleSoft might have fared differently if CEO LArry Ellison hadn't lost style points with his company's opening volley. Also, see what SAP CEO Henning Kagermann has to say about Oracle.

Case Dissection
    Planner (p.36)
    Calculating Costs of Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
    It's August of 2003: Do you know where your company's Sarbanes-Oxley compliance system is? Figure it out with this project planner.

    Dossier (Online exclusive)
    ACL Services ("Scouring the Entire Haystack")
    Recent acounting scandals have cast a spotlight on auditing, but ACL's been gathering converts since long before Enron imploded. Peruse ACL's Dossier for the scoop.
    In a recent Meta group survey, 77% of respondents called a lack of project-management skills "a major technology problem." But can a single piece of software compensate for a lack of skills?

    Be sure to check out our Dossiers on three Enterprise Project Management specialists:
    • Primavera Systems ("Engineering A New Direction"),
    • Artemis ("Avoiding A Meltdown"), and
    • Planview ("Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold").
    Calculator (p.69)
    Tool: Calculating Dormant Data
    Dormant data—information that never has and never will be accessed—can give a data warehouse a heart attack. Find out whether your systems are at risk.

    Quiz (p.70)
    Quiz: Do You Need CPM?
    Corporate Performance Management (CPM) is a formal term for the actions most successful companies take to gauge the key metrics of their business. This quiz will help you determine your need to plan, manage, monitor and adjust via CPM.

    Managing People (p.71)
    Quiz: How Do You Like To Learn?
    Do your employees thrive in a classroom situation, or are they bored and listless? Before you replace the instructor—or the employee—consider changing the classroom. A Baseline quiz.

This article was originally published on 2003-07-24
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