July 2003 Online Extras

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An assortment of articles, presentations and content exclusive to Baseline online.

    Home Cooking (Case Dissection Online Exclusive)
    In 1991, McDonald's made its first foray into collecting daily sales data from stores through an electronic register, or point-of-sale, system. But rather than turning to a solution from outsiders, McDonald's decided to cook up its own. Why is McDonald's building a custom point-of-sale system when commercial options are available?

    Calculating Costs (Workbook, p.82)
    The Hidden Costs of Owning Software
    Try this calculator (Excel) to se how much time your staff spends on management applications.

    ROI Award Winners
    Download the Nucleus Research case studies documenting the returns achieved by the winners of the inaugural Technology ROI Award competition.

Case Dissection
    Planner (p.45)
    Calculating Costs of Extending Real-Time Replenishment
    Not quite ready for "instant information"? Try setting up real-time replenishment first by downloading this project planner.

    Dossier (Online exclusive)
    BearingPoint ("Arose By Another Name")
    When integrations get tough, the tough get going—but do they go to BearingPoint? The consultancy has more than its share of unorthodox engagements. Peruse BearingPoint's Dossier for the scoop.
    Who's Minding the Storage?
    Storage software can help you manage data and applications on storage devices. Picking a product, though, may depend on the hardware you use.

    Be sure to check out our Dossiers on three storage software specialists:
    • Veritas Software ("The Price of Independence"),
    • EMC Corp. ("A Packaged Deal"), and
    • Legato Systems ("A Familiar Face")
    all of which boast loyal customers for their own unique offers.
    Primer (p.84)
    Is open-source software too green to compete against the likes of MIcrosoft? fans of the Linux-anchored LAMP "platform" certainly disagree. This quiz will quickly inform you if LAMP offers what your project needs.

This article was originally published on 2003-07-01
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