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Now that the courts have given Microsoft the green light to bundle everything from its Windows Media Player to its instant-messenger client in Windows, it is staking out much bigger turf.

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Corporate Life in a Microsoft-only World


  • Can leverage Microsoft's experience in operating systems, desktop apps and tools enterprise-wide -- through the back-office
  • Can negotiate better volume license deals, especially when purchasing multiple families of products
  • Can help influence Microsoft on product/feature directions
  • Can count on near 100% product interoperability when implementing single-vendor software stack
  • Can contribute to Microsoft's leadership position, through which it will have more influence over future technologies and standards


  • Can be limited in enterprise-software capabilities by relying on a company whose expertise is in desktop software and in development tools
  • Can end up subject to Microsoft pricing changes and whims, with little/no possibility of shifting quickly to a competitive vendor
  • Can be used as a guinea pig for first-generation product releases
  • Can lose out on non-Microsoft-supported technologies, such as the latest iteration of Java
  • Can solidify Microsoft's monopolistic lock on other product/technology categories, helping to eliminate future choices

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    This article was originally published on 2001-12-10
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