Baseline Issue May/June 2010

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Sharing Knowledge in the Corporate Hive
According to the book The Wisdom of Bees, organizations can learn a lot from the complex system of information exchange that goes on in hives. A growing number of enterprises are striving for that level of information sharing with the help of knowledge management and collaborative technologies. Read all the details in Baseline’s exclusive survey of business and technology leaders.


Education:Textbook IT
Universities and school districts across the country are giving top grades to business intelligence and data warehousing tools, virtualization, green technology and cloud computing. Facing tight budgets, these institutions are investing in technologies that enable them to operate more cost-effectively.


Cloudy, with a chance of security, reliability and resiliency
There are clear benefits to using the cloud computing model to facilitate the rapid availability of IT resources, but this approach is not right for every enterprise.

Hitting Curveballs
In today’s competitive business world, a critical skill for technology and business managers is the ability to confront and overcome unexpected obstacles.


Taking Control of IT Changes
One of the hardest things about managing IT resources is understanding how to control and document changes to your network infrastructure, applications and systems. Yet, managing these changes effectively can make the difference between satisfying users and dealing with chronic downtime.


Improve Performance With Trigger Points
These measurements signal critical changes in performance levels.

Don’t Get Lost in the Cloud
Consider three key principles when evaluating cloud providers.

You Can’t Win Without a Business Plan
Four steps will get you started on developing a game plan.

Being Smart About Intelligent Building Systems
Integrating physical and digital security delivers efficiencies.

Becoming a Better Leader
Learn to lead your team and your company more effectively.


Driving Collaborative Decision Making
Collaborative decision making involves three levels of collaboration: direct, model-level and alignment level.


Will There Be WiFi With That Order?
Dolphin Fast Food’s upgrade to its wireless infrastructure streamlined costs and operations, while meeting the needs of customers, staff and regulators.

Insulation Against Cyber-Threats
As US GreenFiber's insulation business took off, so did internal and external cyber-threats—especially ones related to social networking sites. In response, the company developed a consolidated security approach to address new technology trends.


Stories include the addictive nature of smartphones, the top programming languages and the role of software in the search for the origins of the universe.


Starting Point by Eileen Feretic
Changing Human Nature
It’s not easy getting people to share information, especially when they think that what they know helps them keep their jobs.

Perspectives by Eric Brown and William Yarbery Jr.
Going Beyond a Seat at the Table
IT leaders who reach the highest levels in their enterprises share a core set of skills and experiences.

This article was originally published on 2010-06-28
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