ESME: Why Go with SAP?

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Baseline takes a close look at the origins of the Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment (ESME)--an enterprise social networking and microblogging collaboration application initially-based on SAP technology. With all the social networking tools that live on the open, free Internet, like-minded application developers have come together to build a more risk-averse, secure and deeply collaborative social network that can have most of the benefits of social networks, yet live behind corporate firewalls.

The Mentors and others involved in the project wanted to work directly with SAP technology for several reasons, he adds. First, it gives access to a potential audience of 12 million users across nearly 47,000 companies. Secondly, SAP's security model could be leveraged, which makes ESME fundamentally different to other social networking tools, Howlett notes.

However, the tool isn't exclusively tied to SAP technology, and can be used in other environments, since it's currently open source.

Microblogging, Macro Effect
The ability for those within an enterprise to collaborate has always been crucial, whether that communication is done over the cubicle wall or through email.

But with a more distributed workforce, and a greater need for bringing together employees with outside consultants, creating systems like ESME could be particularly compelling going forward.

"The thing to watch is how these social networking tools help connect people with their peers and experts," says Forrester senior analyst Gil Yehuda. "What Web 2.0 vendors are finding is that content management is less important, because information gets stale quickly. But the connection between people stays strong."

This article was originally published on 2008-09-29
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