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Baseline talks to the experts on which Web 2.0, social networking applications and customer-focused community capabilities they think have the most potential for growth and influence in the Enterprise. These Web applications in areas like microblogging, product comparison and collaborative work spaces are considered up and coming players in an already-crowded, competitive Web 2.0 market.

Dotster Connect
Another intriguing social networking play, Ives believes, is Dotster, a provider of Internet business services and developer of Dotster Connect, an app that's similar to MySpace or Facebook, but enterprise appropriate.

"[S]etting up a group on a site like Facebook leaves all control over transparency, ad selection, ad placement, features, and data in the hands of a company with a different set of objectives," Ives notes on AppGap.

By contrast, Dotster Connect's enterprise edition allows for integration with other enterprise applications, and can be open to search engines if a company wants a more public-facing tool, or closed if it prefers to use the features internally.

Much like a consumer site like MySpace, the application offers user home pages, "friending," voting on content submitted by other members, photo albums, video downloads, and instant messaging. The tool can help facilitate meetings by moderating discussions, as well.

This article was originally published on 2008-09-24
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