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Baseline talks to the experts on which Web 2.0, social networking applications and customer-focused community capabilities they think have the most potential for growth and influence in the Enterprise. These Web applications in areas like microblogging, product comparison and collaborative work spaces are considered up and coming players in an already-crowded, competitive Web 2.0 market.

Another up-and-coming tool that enterprises should look at is GetSatisfaction, Owyang says, since it centralizes support for many products in one locations.

"It's a groundswell movement, where people can get support from each other, rather than going to corporate websites."

Although this isn't the type of tool to be used internally at enterprises, it should be of interest to any company that offers customer support, and wants to understand how social networking can mesh with those efforts.

Unlike a Web 2.0 consumer opinion site like Epinions or a marketing service like PowerReviews, GetSatisfaction seems to be more geared toward the community support model, in which people solve problems through collaboration and can, in turn, be connected to the company in question.

For example, a user complained that his messages don't go through on Flutter. Not only did other users ask about the same problem, but a company representative also replied. Use of tools like this might actually cut down on customer support calls, because in theory it's like creating a FAQ with every new question or issue.

This article was originally published on 2008-09-24
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