Software Quality: By The Numbers

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Interesting clips of stats regarding software quality.

There can be as many as 20 to 30 bugs per 1,000 lines of software code.
—Sustainable Computing Consortium

There are no methods of removing software defects or errors that are 100% effective.
—“Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success,” by Capers Jones

32% of organizations say that they release software with too many defects.
—Cutter Consortium

38% of organizations believe they lack an adequate software quality assurance program.
—Cutter Consortium

27% of organizations do not conduct any formal quality reviews.
—Cutter Consortium

Formal design and code inspections average about 65% in defect removal efficiency. Most forms of testing are less than 30% efficient.
—“Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success,” by Capers Jones

Developers spend about 80% of development costs on identifying and correcting defects.
—The National Institute of Standards and Technology

Peer reviews of software will catch 60% of defects.
—Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

This article was originally published on 2004-03-04
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