Online Extras: June 2003

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Topline (p. 16-17)
    23 toptechnology executives made more than $1 million last year. Meanwhile, 17 saw their pay drop. Click here to download the full list.

Case Dissection (p. 38-56)
    Retailing is getting cutthroat. In major metropolitan areas, direct rivals are opening up shop across the street, daring the other to blink and pull up the stakes. Among neighborhood pharmacy chains, Eckerd is now in a fight for its life, as Walgreens threatens to steamroll across its prime markets. Here's the Key Largo, Fla., company's response to its rival's technical and operational encroachment.

    Eckerd Takes It To The Next Level
    Case Dissection Preview: When Eckerd decided in 2001 to bring technology operations in-house, CIO Ken Petersen bet his job that he and his staff could do it better than IBM.
    Sound Off: Can you save money by bringing technology operations in house?
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    CIO Takes Insourcing To The Bank

    Planner (p.45)
    Calculating Costs of Developing An Insourcing Strategy
    Five years ago, outsourcing technology was hotter than the stock market, and an easy sell to the board of directors. That age of "win-win" has turned into a technology hangover. It is the time to take control of tech services and build an internal operation. Where to begin? Start by downloading this project planner.

    Dossier (Online exclusive)
    Retek ("The Customizer's Always Right")
    Software vendors, like retailers, face an old dilemma: differentiating their wares from those of the company next door. Retek's approach is a more complete menu of retail-management products than the next guy. Peruse Retek's Dossier for the goods.
    Offshore Outsourcing
    Hiring outside contractors to develop software no longer qualifiers as a radical move. The question may not be to go offshore, since cheap labor often makes that an easy call. The real uncertainties to resolve are: What work can you bear to part with?

    Be sure to check out our Dossiers on offshore outsourcing specialists Infosys Technologies ("Infy, Fie, Fo, Fum"), Wipro Technologies ("Out of the Frying Pan"), and Cognizant Technology ("The Home Team")—all of which offer their varied yet focused takes on outsourcing overseas.

This article was originally published on 2003-06-09
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