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The days of the application service provider may have come and gone. But standardized services on the Web are gaining customers, who want low-cost means of handling systems like customer relations. Should your company be next?

Should NOT Do: Using Hosted Software">

What You Should Do

  • Research before you decide. Understand your needs and study vendors, providers and technologies before you make a decision

  • Make it your own. Think through and negotiate your own Service Level Agreements; don't adopt someone else's

  • Start small. Don't outsource everything all at once

  • Take control. Own your key hardware and software

  • Be proactive. Back up and protect your data

    What You Should NOT Do

  • Don't assume too much. Build relationships inside your providers so you can monitor their financial health

  • Don't outsource without a contingency plan. Make one for each provider in case any run into trouble or go out of business

  • Don't ignore the technology. Some Web standards are still in flux or not established

  • Don't risk the family jewels. Processes that are critical to your company are still safer inside your firewall

  • Don't forget security. Make sure the provider's managers follow industry best-practices and an ongoing secure model

  • Don't scrimp. Think through how to deploy your technology assets. For example, if you're saving money on software, build up your network infrastructure

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    This article was originally published on 2002-10-11
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