Tracking a Tracking System’s Returns


Terion’s Fleetview system costs approximately $500 to equip a trailer with sensors, plus $11 per month per trailer for tracking services and hosting the application.


Hunt can get its investment paid back within two years, if it boosts its operating income by about $5.2 million-or 8%-per year as a result.


Advertising: Keeping track of where each trailer has been means, like a billboard, the number of times the side of a truck is seen by a potential buyer of a product can be calculated. Hunt is experimenting with the sale of trailer-side advertising, in conjunction with the Transport Media Network of Madison, Wis.
Detention Fees: Hunt can now accurately measure how long a trailer sits at a customer’s site before it is unloaded, and charge for the use of that trailer’s time.


Reduced non-revenue miles: Hunt drivers don’t have to search for available trailers for a load-they can go straight to the closest one.
Reduced trailer-to-tractor ratio: Hunt currently operates three trailers for each tractor it owns, while the industry average is close to 2:1. By making better use of its existing trailers, the company can avoid buying more and still increase shipping capacity.