The Top 10 Projects in 2006

From voice-over-IP, to outsourcing, to collaboration, to business analytics, information-technology executives are wrestling with a lot these days. But what are the hottest trends in corporate computing?

And, more important, where are I.T. leaders allocating their budget dollars? Baseline asked 1,440 readers to tell us what I.T. projects were most critical to their company’s success and which were receiving the most I.T. budget dollars.

This special report lists the Top 10 I.T. projects by corporate spending. Combined with case studies and interviews with CIOs, it provides a look at how and why companies are making these spending decisions.

Lead Story:
What Got the Green Light

The Projects:
No. 1: VOIP: What are companies spending on voice-over-IP?
No. 2: Outsourcing: Why it’s still so hot
No. 3: Data Networking: Applications are driving the need for greater bandwidth
No. 4: CRM: How Hormel is speeding sales analysis
No. 5: Collaboration: Companies are looking for faster, cheaper ways to work
No. 6: Supply Chain Management: Do you need a global view?
No. 7: Desktop Upgrades: It’s not only what you buy, but how you buy it
No. 8: Applications Performance Management: Is software monitoring that important?
No. 9: Business Analytics: Why Halliburton wanted more business intelligence
No. 10: Compliance Tracking: Is there a better way?

Ranking: The Top 10 Projects by average spending
Decision Makers: A look at who’s controlling the I.T. purse strings now