Credit Card Unions Team with Security Companies to Protect Data

A shared branching network controlled by credit unions from around the globe has forged a partnership with two security vendors in the name of data protection.

The FSCC (Financial Service Centers Cooperative), which has more than 1,000 branches, is working with GlobalCerts and Websense to enhance network security measures for the FSCC.

Throughout 2006, the FSCC experienced tremendous growth in transaction activity—a trend that demanded attention and a solution for the risks associated with wrongful data exposure incidents.

With plans to expand to an additional 2,200 locations at select 7-Eleven stores nationwide, data security is a top priority, FSCC officials said.

“We have been working with both companies on this solution for several months, and from a Network provider standpoint we felt it was critical to ensure that data and confidential information would not leak out by accident through e-mails, faxes or printers in our offices,” said Bonnie Kramer, the FSCC’s Chief Operating Office.

Though the FSCC offers a variety of fraud prevention training, tools and disaster recovery services to its members, the organization also needed a solution to protect confidential customer and financial data from being accidentally or maliciously exposed, officials said. Enter Websense with its Websense Content Protection Suite.

“We have a solution that really fits that need,” said Devin Redmond, director of security products for Websense.

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