Cisco Ties Video Streaming to the Network

Cisco Systems will bring its heft and credibility to the video streaming and video-on-demand market on Sept. 26 when it launches its digital media system.

The new system, which includes a line of digital media encoders, a digital media manager and a video portal, is the first fully integrated offering from a well-known brand in a market that the enterprise has “underappreciated,” according to Ira Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at rich media consulting company Wainhouse Research, headquartered in Duxbury, Mass.

There are a host of small companies that provide video streaming and Webcasting offerings, but those companies “have always lacked the footprint and reputation in the enterprise. These companies were battling the solution itself, because enterprises didn’t understand the value proposition,” said Weinstein, in Atlanta.

By addressing content capture, content management and content delivery, Cisco can help enterprises “get through the entire process,” he said.

Cisco, which looks at video streaming and Webcasting as an emerging technology, believes that greater consumer adoption of the technology will be followed by greater business interest, according to Thomas Wyatt, general manager of Cisco’s Digital Media Management Business Unit, in San Jose, Calif.

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