10 Programming Languages You Should Learn Right Now

“One of my mentors once told me that a programming language is just a programming language. It doesn’t matter if you’re a good programmer, it the syntax that matters,” Tim Huckaby, CEO of San Diego-based software engineering firm, CEO Interknowlogy.com told eWEEK.

However, 20 minutes later Huckaby expressed that his company is “swimming” in work but he’s having a nearly impossible time finding recruits, even on the entry level, that know specific programming languages.

“We’re hiring like crazy but we’re not having an easy time. We’re just looking for attitude and aptitude, kids right out of school that know .Net, or even Java, because with that we can train them on .Net,” said Huckaby.

Knowing a handful of programming languages is seen by many as a harbor in a job market storm, solid skills that will be marketable as long as the languages are. Yet, there is beauty in numbers. While there may be developers who have had riches heaped on them by knowing the right programming language at the right time in the right place, most long-time coders will tell you that periodically learning a new language is an essential part of being a good and successful web developer.

“Don’t get fixated on one or two languages. When I started in 1969, FORTRAN, COBOL and S/360 Assembler were the big tickets. Today, Java, C and Visual Basic are. In ten years time, some new set of languages will be the ‘in thing.’ …At last count, I knew/have learned over 24 different languages in over 30 years,” Wayne Duqaine, Director Software Development at Grandview Systems, told eWEEK.

By picking the brains of web developers and IT recruiters, eWEEK selected ten programming languages that are a bonus for any developer to add to their resume. Even better, they’re great jumping off points, with loads of job opportunities, for younger recruits.

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