Author: Larry Dignan

CIOs: 2007 Looking Up

More than 50 percent of CIOs plan on spending more on technology in 2007 than in 2006, according to a survey released by the Society

Why I’m Against Net Neutrality

The network neutrality debate, which is expected to surface again this fall, is a faux issue that if mandated by Congress is bound to become

Opinion: Lose My Data, Pay Me $1,000

Veterans groups may have accidentally found the remedy for companies’ lax protection of customer information. The cure: $1,000 for each person affected by a data

Survey: SOA In, Vista Out

Service-oriented architecture is the next big thing for CIOs, Oracle’s back in favor, and Novell is showing slight gains in Linux. Vista, however, is on

Avian Flu: Can IT Handle a Pandemic?

VeriCenter Chief Technology Officer Dave Colesante is a rare bird. Unlike many IT executives, Colesante has actually thought about a potential avian influenza virus, or