Author: Diana Mirakaj

Putting the Excellence in Operations

By Diana L. Mirakaj  Historically, operational excellence has beenassociated mainly with optimizing business processes, generally related to productionand manufacturing. Gauging its success was based predominantly

Fixing the Business-Technology Link

Technology is a part of everything we do, but achieving success has never been about the technology. It?s always been about the business. The result

Shared-Services Organizations Reduce Complexity

As companies have become more complex?and simultaneously more integrated?the need for additional cross-collaboration and more effective leveraging of available resources has become increasingly significant. A

Driving Collaborative Decision Making

Collaborative decision making is a descendent of the broader concept of a virtual workspace, in which potentially disparate teams can come together to access a

The Evolution of Organizational Process

Despite a multidecade focus, business-technology processes in many companies are unmanaged, invisible and unmeasured. Consequently, they are executed haphazardly and inconsistently. This results in delays,

The Case for Management Standards

The quest for success in business today begins in the repeatable, day-to-day disciplines of management and in something as prosaic as standards. Standards are our