Month: September 2023

AI Improvements

AI Headsets Giving Seniors New Life

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are transforming various industries, including healthcare and therapy. One

IPO Drop

Tech IPOs Aren’t Working

The technology industry is notoriously dynamic, with new innovations and startups cropping up all the time. The process by which businesses “go public,” or make

Meta Sassy AI

Meta’s Sassy Chatbot

Meta, the tech giant formerly known as Facebook, is making waves once again with its latest venture into artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. According to a

Charging Revolution

Qi2: Killing Off Wired Charging

Wireless charging has revolutionized the way we power our devices, eliminating the hassle of cords and ports. But as with any technology, there are always


DALL-E 3 Release Comes With Opt-out

OpenAI, a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), has released DALL-E 3, a new version of its text-to-image tool. This cutting-edge application makes

Big Tech Regulation

UK Cracks Down on Big Tech

The UK government has recently approved an ambitious and controversial online safety law that aims to regulate and hold digital and social media companies accountable

Alibaba Shakeup

Alibaba’s CEO Focuses on AI

In recent news, Alibaba Group, the renowned e-commerce and cloud giant, has announced its plans to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and promote younger individuals to