Month: February 2012

Securing Data in the Cloud

When itcomes to data security and cloud computing, many companies indulge in magicalthinking: They envision the cloud as a single type of computing platform guardedby

Debate: Remaking IT at Accenture

When the time comes to upgrade IT equipment and systems, isit better to repair what you have?patching and tweaking systems and software tokeep things running?or

Big Data by the Numbers

Big data is rapidly moving into the mainstream of business.The ability to sift through mountains of structured and unstructured data andput it to maximum use

Feds Search for Efficiency

Federal government agencies are under constant pressure tokeep costs down and run processes more efficiently, so many are deploying ITinitiatives to help deliver cost-effective operations

A Tectonic Shift in Power

Let?s take a brief trip to the not-so-distant past, a timewhen companies had the upper hand regarding interactions with customers. Theycould pretty much control the

Protecting an Online Business Investment

Forward-thinking companies with long histories embracechange to grow their businesses, moving from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce.Incentives are compelling, but they?re transacting more and more business in

IT Considerations When an Employee Leaves

The two most interesting times in any employee-employerrelationship are the employee?s onboarding and departure. One is a time ofexcitement and opportunity; the other, a time

The Truth About Work/Life Balance

There are numerous pieces of advice, articles and booksdevoted to the concept of work/life balance. It?s something that most Americansstrive to achieve. It?s too bad