Month: January 2012

Data Integration Enables Cloud Success

At AWPRx, we work with 95 percent of U.S. pharmacies to helpworkers? compensation beneficiaries fill prescriptions and manage claimsonline. We manage these prescriptions on behalf

Defending Your Firm Against Cyber-Attacks

Last year brought a wave of high-profile data breaches,including Google, Epsilon, Lockheed Martin and the International Monetary Fund.These attacks have demonstrated that hackers can wreak

Building a Better Website

Developing and maintaining a user-friendly Website is nevereasy. But when that site?s content comes from a range of governmentsources?each with its own procedures and proprietary

Integrating Contingent Workers

We all have busy days where we don’t have the time and resources to supervise our employees—but we’re counting on them to get the job

Demystifying Innovation Myths

Touted as the ultimate ingredient for growth across allsectors of the enterprise, ?innovation? has become one of the hottesttechnology buzzwords. We are in the early

Hospital CIOs Bring More MD to IT

What is a hospital CIO? The definition of ?an IT strategistand a deployer of systems? might have fit the bill at one time, but notanymore?or,

Transform IT to Transform the Business

Corporations operate based on the assumption of continuity,developing processes to drive efficiency over the long haul, but often ignoringthe vital need for constant transformation. As