Month: October 2011

Post-PC Era Delayed

With all the hoopla about tablets and smartphones it?s easy to overlook the fact that personal computers remain a mainstay of business. According to eTForecasts,

Better Batteries Slow To Arrive

One of the biggest bugaboos of using mobile devices is coping with limited battery life. It seems that with every improvement in batteries comes new

Flexible Displays Finally Arrive

The explosion of tablet computers has demonstrated that consumers and businesses are eager for devices that let people access files, media and other content on

Steve Jobs, IT Legend, Dies at 56

Apple co-founder and two-time CEO Steve Jobs, recognized around the world as one of the most successful innovators in the history of American business, died

Social Media For Public Safety

See also How to Use Social Media in a Disaster, Companies Go Social Amid Threats. Government agencies are turning to social media technology to manage

Baseline Issue September/October 2011

COVER STORY Navigating the GRC Maze GRC is increasingly woven into all aspects of business, so it’s vital for management to understand the complexities involved