Month: July 2011

Data Center Upgrade Earns High Marks at CSU

SUMMARY: For more than 140 years, Chicago State University (CSU), Chicago?s oldest independently accredited public university, has produced thousands of alumni, from undergraduate through doctoral

The Business Value of IT

When Bill Clinton ran forpresident, his slogan was, ?It?s the economy, stupid!? Well, when it comes toIT, my slogan is, ?It?s the business, stupid!?  

Out of Scope

The(Y)ear of the Cat? Sometimes,technology is used to invent things that are so right that we wonder how weever got along without them: the Internet,

Are You a Progress-Making Leader?

Effective leaders preserveorder amid change and change amid order. Why? To move their organizationsforward in an environment that?s overflowing with hidden risks, uncertaintiesand possibilities. Existingplatforms?or

Five Ways to Optimize BI and BA

1. Analyze and map business processes to spot opportunities. Effective BI and BA are multi-dimensional. IT must let business managers drive the process and focus

The Use and Misuse of Information

Intoday?s well-named ?Information Age,? we are totally dependent on data in bothour personal and professional lives. No matter what we need or want to know,

Colleges Work With Industry Partner

TheYale School of Management, in New Haven, Conn., has partnered with IBM todevelop coursework that teaches MBA students analytics skills. Students at theschool?s Center for