Month: January 2011

The Lego Computer

Building an Ancient Computer From Legos His name is Andrew Carol. By day, he?s an Apple software engineer working on OS X; by night, he?s

Shared-Services Organizations Reduce Complexity

As companies have become more complex?and simultaneously more integrated?the need for additional cross-collaboration and more effective leveraging of available resources has become increasingly significant. A

Defending Against Lawsuits

C-level executives strive to protect their companies from lawsuits and regulatory proceedings, but lawsuits are part of business, so the C-suite needs to be prepared.

Enterprise IPv6 Transition

Let?s say that your corporate network has plenty of IP Version 4 addresses and uses lots of neat tricks, such as CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing)

Baseline Issue Jan/Feb 2011

COVER STORY Can IT Manage Mobility? Enterprises are enjoying a wealth of benefits from mobile technologies and systems, but along with those gains comes the

Mobile Means Business

These days, mobility is rippling through almost every industry and ushering in an array of sophisticated capabilities. Consequently, ?IT must view itself as a facilitator

Rules of PCI DSS Compliance

Data breaches have made news often in the past few years. When credit cardholder data is compromised, merchants face bad publicity, lasting damage to their