Month: December 2010

Facing A Crisis of Leadership

In 2002 I wrote an article, ?A Case of Leadership Deficit Disorder,? which was motivated by a report claiming that more than $130 billion was

Learning Language Continuously

Live and Learn?Forever NELL?which is short for Never Ending Language Learner?is an ?intelligent computer? created by the researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that’s actually being

IT Budgets Made to Stretch

How can we get more return from our IT investment? It?s a question business leaders the world over wrestle with on a daily basis. And

Dealing With a Data Deluge

With the advent of Web 2.0 and cloud computing, organizations across all industries are drowning in data. While this data explosion presents logistical challenges from

ROI, Reconsidered

The purpose of any business investment is to deliver net economic value. Yet, research has shown that in more than 60 percent of IT implementations,

Why 70% of All Changes Fail

Nearly 70 percent of all the changes in organizations fail?and IT is not immune from that alarming statistic. Every day, good ideas die before they