Month: October 2010

How Safe Is the Cloud?

A customer recently commented that the security risks associated with cloud computing were beginning to outweigh the benefits of delivering software as a service over

Common IT Mistakes

Most organizations look to IT for streamlining work, automating processes, improving customer satisfaction and saving money for the company. But accomplishing these goals can be

Functional Misalignment

In both good and bad economies, company functions such as human resources, finance and IT are in a continual cycle of growing and shrinking, centralizing

Agility: Rx for Project Success

Samuel Johnson, the inventor of the English dictionary, once quipped, ?The prospect of hanging concentrates the mind wonderfully.? Today?s economic woes and competitive pressures can

Out of Scope Sept/Oct 2010

One Million?s a Crowd As if the recession wasn?t already bad enough, with jobs disappearing faster than you can tweet ?I?m unemployed,? CloudCrowd, the self-proclaimed