Month: June 2009

Partnering for Outsourcing Success

Nearly half of all IT outsourcing (ITO) deals fail to satisfy the customer?s service improvement and cost reduction expectations. Why? The reason can often be

The Speed of Business Today

Business leaders often use agility to describe their business plans and strategic initiatives, but it’s often little more than just a vision. Agility is something

SQL Injections Wreaking Havoc

See also: Six Steps to Stop SQL Injections slideshow. Look closely at the following string of characters: ‘ Or 1=1 –. It may be a

The Cost of Troubled Projects

See also When IT Projects Go Very Wrong. Troubled projects afflict organizations worldwide, in both commercial and public sectors, as they regularly experience higher than

Blue Man Regroups on Email

When he took a job at Blue Man Productions a little over two years ago, Antonio Palumbo was faced with a job that felt as

Internal Cloud Manages Health Records

See also: Best Practices slideshow. Providing secure, electronic health records (EHR) is becoming a priority for health-care institutions. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston

Tips to Protect Your Data Center

Companies that are either buying or building data center capability should not take business-continuity and risk-assessment planning for granted. In recent discussions with Baseline, four