Month: April 2009

Security Tips From Crooks

If security vendors are to truly help customers strengthen theirinfrastructure, they need to take a page from the cybercriminals, ArtCoviello told the crowd at the

Military Goes Meta

The Department of Defense (DOD) is using technology solutions to serve communities of interest. These communities need ways for their officers to manage semantically complex

Can You Afford Security?

Security gurus converged on San Francisco this week to discusspressing information security problems at the annual RSA Conference. Akey issue: how to leverage relatively flat

Beyond Business Models

Talking about “our business model” is a pleasant diversion. It was the diversion of the era, the fodder for venture capitalist pitches and the

Iowa’s IT Integration

For any government agency, a paradox has always existed when it comes to transactions involving contracted services: Vendors are owed payment for work delivered, but

Baseline Issue April 2009

FEATURE Is Your Information Really Safe?It has become increasingly evident that enterprises must upgrade their security practices in order to prevent data breaches. The consensus