Month: March 2009

Five New Web-Borne Security Threats

In 2008, criminals moved from email (spam, viruses) to sophisticated web-based attacks. Targeting weaknesses in server-based applications such as blogging tools and client-side browser plug-ins,

Out of Scope

He Should Have Voided ‘Null’ Sir Charles Antony Richard Hoare (aka C.A.R. or Tony Hoare) is a British computer scientist who is probably best known

Rebranding Your Web Site

We’re constantly being asked what it takes to successfully rebrand a Web site. Too often, we’re asked specific questions such as, “Should my site be

Keeping Track in a Hyper-Paced World

When Bryan Bradley became senior vice president of technology services, one of his primary goals was to bring a formal software development methodology to imc²’s

How to Dress for Success

Your mother may have told you that “clothes make the man,” but that also applies to women. How you dress makes a difference not only

New World Storage Order

There?s an odd thing happening in the land of storage these days. Vendors have come up with so many different answers to increasing storage utilization

9 Ways Tech is the New Black

Move over thumb drives, the ring-finger drive has arrived. After a motorbike accident with a deer, a Finnish computer programmer decided to replace his amputated