Month: November 2008

Leveling the Developer Field

As our collective economic circumstances continue to change worldwide, it?s interesting to note that many senior IT executives have come to the conclusion that it

Nothing to Fear?

Most?if not all?of us are facing the coming year with an uneasy blend of anxiety and hope. The anxiety is understandable. The stock market has

What Can IT Expect in 2009?

What can we expect in these uncertain times of 800-point stock index swings? Well, when it comes to IT, my pick for the top 10

IT Tool: Ranking Hardware Proposals

Using the matrix below can help you identify which vendor offers the best solution for your enterprise, by comparing its strengths and weaknesses by category.

Office Politics: The Ten Demandments

In the workplace, political skills can determine one?s ability to perform effectively. The following ?Ten Demandments? are common-sense principles that can harness political energy to

Top 10 Trends in IT for 2009

Running a business and overseeing IT is a tough task in the best of times. But in today’s environment—with consumer and business spending shrinking, budgets