Month: October 2008

Baseline Issue November 2008

FEATURES Managing Global IT: Priceless As president of Global Technology and Operations for MasterCard Worldwide, Rob Reeg manages one of the largest IT operations in

Assessing the Business Value of Technology

Senior executives increasingly demand an understanding of how business technology can improve operations, enhance managers? decision-making and place the organization in a strong position to

IT Needs to Run Like a Business

Here?s one of the biggest challenges facing an IT organization today: Some third-party service provider is always telling the business side of the house that

Favorite Networks-From-Hell Stories

Over the years, I?ve witnessed some very strange network operations. Maybe it just comes with the territory, or maybe it?s just knowing so many hard-working

Doing Their Part

When asked to name individuals who have made a difference in the world, many people mention volunteers in humanitarian groups such as the Peace Corps,

Managing Global IT: Priceless

A cashless society may be light years away, but Rob Reeg knows that payment systems are changing at the speed of light. The president of

Going for the Gold Standard

As one of the health care industry’s largest group purchasing organizations, Premier Purchasing Partners is responsible for evaluating products and services and then selecting the

50 Who Make a Difference

The people portrayed in this article represent a diverse group selected by Baseline readers and editors for their contributions to the world of information technology.

Flying High With Social Networking

Few industries have witnessed as radical a transformation as travel agencies and services. In little more than a decade, paper tickets have all but disappeared,