Month: April 2008

Reining in Rogue Apps

Let me ask you a simple question: How many versions of Microsoft Office do you currently have throughout your enterprise? If your answer is more

Banking on IT

When it opened for business in 1936, Arizona Federal Credit Union had only 50 member-owners with an average account balance of $5. From those humble

How to Create Web Mashups

By now you know what a Web mashup is. These combinations of open-source and other publicly available software that can pull together disparate info with

Cows, Planes and Trains

Every time a farmer or rancher who participates in the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) sends a cow or a pig to a fair, auction,

The Coming Data Center Crisis

When it comes to finding ways to power and cool our data centers, there?s mounting evidence that we?re approaching a crisis. In a new study

Bovine Intervention

It was supposed to help stem an outbreak of mad-cow disease. Instead, the Bush administration’s proposal to electronically brand tens of millions of farm animals

Hot Dog: Franchising with Technology

Twenty years before McDonald’s golden arches began dotting the American landscape, Johnny Colera slathered a hot dog with his secret chili sauce and sold it