Month: October 2007

University Guards Laptops Against Data Theft

The Problem:After a flurry of data breaches at several largeuniversities, Baylor University needed to ensure that primaryidentification information for students and faculty stayed safe. The

App Development: Head in the Cloud

One thing that becomes clear whenyou consider the exhaustive coverage ofYahoo’s business model and related technologyinfrastructure is that Yahoo—likeGoogle, Microsoft and a host of other

Anti-Social Networking

Anti-Social Networking Companies are getting more business value by integrating social networks into their IT strategies—both Baseline and its sister publication CIO Insight have covered

Cool Cash

Going “green” has become the initiative du jourfor many companies, as environmental campaigns trumpeteco-friendliness and businesses face heightened energy costs.For Wells Fargo, the San Francisco-based

Capturing Concerete Savings

Sean Saunders, CIO of FNF Construction, gets hishands dirty—literally—at least once a week, visiting project siteswhere workers are expanding highways, repairing bridges andleveling land. He

No Such Thing as Security “Best Practices”

Linda Stutsman is managing director of the International Information IntegrityInstitute. I-4, as it’s known, was founded in 1986 by SRI International (formerly StanfordResearch Institute) to