Month: July 2007

Staying Connected on Vacation

The bags are packed, the e-mails checked. It’s time for some downtime. But for some I.T. professionals, a vacation is never quite a vacation. If

Researchers Crack the iPhone

A security firm has run the first remote exploits on Apple’s iPhone, proving that the widely popular smart phone is vulnerable not only to data

HP Buying Opsware for $1.6B

Hewlett-Packard is buying Opsware, a software vendor best known as a provider of data center automation products, for $1.6 billion, the two companies announced July

A CIO’s Lot Is Not a Happy One

Though tales of ever-expanding compensation packages for executives and claims that companies have shifted their focus from hiring to retention continue to fill business news

4 Ways CIOs Can Impact the Bottom Line

In the not-too-distant future, keeping the company e-mail system up and running or overseeing a sweeping transition to a service-oriented architecture—important as those responsibilities may