Month: May 2007

May 2007 Online Extras

BASELINE ONLINE Calculator: How to Measure Your Security Investments Three metrics to tell if your security strategy is sound. Calculator: The Benefits of Product Life-Cycle

April 2007 Online Extras

BASELINE ONLINE Calculator: How Good Is Your Procurement Baseline? Take inventory before you shop for new software. Rate your company’s procurement baseline. Tutorial: Are You

CDW Sells Itself

CDW’s Chairman and CEO John Edwardson described a meeting of the minds between his company’s management and the private investment firm that has agreed to

VeriSign CEO Calls It Quits

VeriSign has named William A. Roper Jr. president and chief executive officer following the resignation of former CEO Stratton D. Sclavos. “VeriSign is a highly

Cyberwar: Is This The First Salvo?

Estonia claims that Russia launched a virtual attack this past month against government agencies, followed by cyberassaults on its newspapers and TV stations, schools and