Month: September 2005

A Woman’s Touch

Debra Walton grew up on an Australian sheep farm in a town of 4,000. Her family’s wish: find a husband from a nearby farm so

Ameriquest’s Business, By the Numbers

Ameriquest Mortgage Base Case Headquarters: 1100 Town and Country Rd., Orange, CA 92868 Phone: (714) 541-9960 Business: One of the nation’s largest providers of sub-prime

Gotcha! Fraud Protection Systems

Sifting through mortgage applications and monitoring credit card transactions are just a couple of the ways computer systems can help identify fraud and, sometimes, prevent

Base Technologies 8

Ameriquest uses a standard software package to process loans. But then it customizes that package to suit other needs, using a mix of in-house and

Player Roster 3

Adam BassVice Chairman, Ameriquest Capital Corp.Bass acknowledges that some “bad apples” have infiltrated the rank and file at Ameriquest in the past five years but