Month: June 2005

June 2005 Online Extras

BASELINE ONLINE Calculating Costs of Integrating All Your Customer Data (p.37)Dowload our Premium Project Planner to calculate how much it will cost your company to

ChoicePoint: Blur

Among his alleged crimes: child molestation and rape. Calderon tried to protest his innocence. He told his captors that his Social Security number and birth

The Rising Threat from Bad Data

Steven Calderon had a clean record, a clean conscience and no reason to think that his new employer’s routine background check would cause any problem

Project Map: Data Cleansing

Your database may be full of valuable information, but it’s difficult to realize this value if your data is incomplete, inconsistently formatted, inaccurate or unreadable

Will a New Planning System Bust You?

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation is one of the costliest and most complex information-technology initiatives an organization can undertake. If done well and in

The Art of the Deal for Tech Execs

Dianah Neff is a chief information officer with a marketing degree from San Jose State. That’s good because Neff, CIO of the city of Philadelphia,

Data Security’s Hidden Problem: Us

Steven Calderon has been raked over the coals enough. You will discover this in John McCormick and Deborah Gage’s report, Choicepoint:Blur. Calderon was arrested in

Base Technologies 10

ChoicePoint collects, processes and analyzes data using tools that run mostly on a combination of IBM mainframes and Hewlett-Packard and Sun servers. Application Product Supplier