Month: May 2005

May 2005 Online Extras

BASELINE ONLINE Planner: Calculating Costs of a Satellite-Based Network (p.40)Dowload our Premium Project Planner to calculate your company’s startup and operations costs for a satellite

Managing Projects

Most initiatives are judged by a basic standard: Do they save money? Using more sophisticated metrics, like internal rate of return, is less common—and 24%

Project No 2: Business Analytics

Project No 2Project SummaryTechnology: Software that analyzes business data to forecast trends and identify patternsGoals: Anticipate changes in demand; adjust pricing to market dynamics; deliver

Choice Hotels: Supplies and Demand

When Choice Hotels International began using the Web in 1999 to steer its hotel owners toward preferred vendors of hotel supplies, it almost immediately eliminated

Who We Surveyed

Three-fourths of the respondents to Baseline’s 2005 survey on project spending are technology executives, and the rest are their counterparts on the business side. Nearly

Project No 1: Application Integration

Project No 1Project SummaryTechnology: Software that allows two or more information systems to exchange dataGoals: Speed up the time needed to complete business transactions; reduce

Top 5 Technology Projects in 2005

What’s new in 2005? Projects that revolve around old information systems. According to Baseline‘s survey of 1,270 readers, most organizations this year are writing their