Month: April 2005

April 2005 Online Extras

BASELINE ONLINE Planner: Calculating Costs of a Data-Analysis Platform (p.38)Dowload our Premium Project Planner to learn how to funnel complex streams of information into a

Mark Cuban: Managing By E-Mail

Harry Stonecipher could learn a thing or two from Mark Cuban, the billionaire serial entrepreneur. Stonecipher was forced out as chief executive of Boeing when

Southwest Airlines: Flying Low

Gary KellySouthwest AirlinesJET JOCKEYTITLE: Vice chairman of the board and CEO TENURE: 8 months on current job; 19 years at companyEDUCATION: B.B.A. in accounting from

Base Technologies 11

The Federal Reserve Board uses several software tools—many built by a body of international economists—to dissect and analyze trade and fiscal data to determine the

Player Roster: Insiders and Outsiders

Alan Greenspan,ChairmanDue to retire in January after five terms as chairman, Greenspan is known for his ability to combine computer models, human intelligence and his

XOsoft: Pricey, and Proud of It

In 2001, XOsoft abandoned its original business, which offered a content-distribution service over the Internet, a la Akamai Technologies. Instead, it switched to selling data