Month: January 2005

January 2005 Online Extras

BASELINE ONLINE Calculating Costs of Installing a Workflow Management System Control workflow before it controls you. Download our interactive tool to cost out your own

A Tidal Wave of Problems

United Parcel Service can’t land its 747s and 757s near the Indonesia and Sri Lanka tsunami disaster areas because its planes are too large for

Falling Flat?

Nearly a year ago, Coca-Cola Enterprises touted an uncommon deal with SAP to co-develop the most elaborate system to date for taking bottles and cans

Future Shock?

John Webster has been dealing for the last four years with the same handful of managers at PeopleSoft, as he irons out kinks in customer

ABM Industries: Cleaning Up

In technology for corporations, there is IBM. In window washing, there is ABM. In an office building, the company established 90 years ago as American

Centra Software: Lesson Learned?

Those who use Centra Software’s Web conferencing system think it’s the greatest presentation tool since the felt-tip marker. “Hands down, Centra has the best e-learning