Month: June 2004

Trek Bicycle Corp: Tour de Force

The day was sunny and warm in Waterloo, Wis., a low-key place where a truck stop operator can commute to work on a 16.5-horsepower Craftsman

Wal-Mart RFID Suppliers to Top 100

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. expects to have more than 100 suppliers shipping products to the retailing giant with radio wave tracking devices by January, according to

Primer: Event-Driven Architecture

What is it? One of the few instances in which the real-world benefits of a technology came before the hype. The term “event-driven architecture” refers

Grid Computing: Too Good to Be True?

The benefits of grid computing sound so good, you wonder why everybody’s not using it. Grid software makes collections of computers more efficient by allowing

Voice of Experience: Joe Arnette

Voice of ExperienceJoe ArnetteRent-A-CenterVP of TrainingPlano, Manager’s Profile: In charge of training for the $2.3 billion retailer, which has 14,000 employees at more than

Turning a Vision Into a Reality

Technology is partly about looking ahead and seeing something dramatic that can be done before it’s even created. And then making it happen with a