Month: April 2004

Roadblock: The Information Hoarder

THE OBSTACLE: THE INFORMATION HOARDER Following the 9/11 attacks, government agencies-particularly the State Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency-were lambasted

Dept. of Homeland Security

Headquarters: 3801 Nebraska Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20528 Financials: $40 billion operating budget proposed for fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2005. Mission: Prevent and deter


“Non-obvious relationship awareness” (NORA) software probes databases in any language, searching for obscure matches between relevant information. Anonymized data (ANNA) software uses the same technology

Keeping Out the Digital Swarm

Shortly after midnight on Aug. 20, 2003, railroad company CSX was forced to delay several trains because its computer networks were flooded by the Nachi

A Question of National Security

Many of the nation’s key defense and security agencies are running their operations on software from companies based outside the U.S. The Department of Homeland